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Chappell Jordan Clock Service & Repair

Bernie's Expert Clock Repair, located on the premises of Chappell Jordan Clock Galleries, employs a staff of in house full-time service technicians who share over 30 years combined experience in the repair, restoration and preservation of clocks.



The Initial Review

When you bring your clock to Chappell Jordan for repair or service we do a thorough review before we ever take it apart so we can try and find a diagnosis if there is something wrong. 


Disassemble Your Clock

Disassemble your clock completely allows us to make sure all of your components and working properly and prepares us for the cleaning process. 



Cleaning Your Clock

At Chappell Jordan cleaning your clock is a massive value we provide on all of our clock repairs. Cleaning every single piece of your clock gives it new life and allows your to enjoy your clock for much longer. 


Repairing Your Clock 

Servicing clocks is a large portion of the day to day at Chappell Jordan but we also specialize in repairing, restoring and preserving almost any clock. Grand father clocks, mantel clocks and wall clocks are our specialty and Chappell Jordan would be honored to bring your clocks back to life.

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