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8TMT 5403/10 From Anton Schneider in Germany  all Wood cuckoo clock with wood dial, wood hands, wood bird, dancers, beer drinker and water wheel.  Beer Drinker raises his mug with every cuckoo, and the water wheel turns with the moving dancers as the music plays every hour.  Night shut off 22 note dual song swiss music movement plays on the hour. 


  • 8 Day clock
  • Cuckoos the number of hours on the hour
  • Cuckoos once on the 1/2 hour
  • Animated Dancers, Beer Drinker, and water wheel
  • Wood Dial & Hands
  • Wood Cuckoo Bird
  • Night Shutoff
  • 13" tall not including weights and pendulum
  • High Quality 2 melody music movement
  • Carved Trees
  • High Quality Wood Carvings

Schneider - 8 Day / Musical - Beer Drinker

$1,867.50 Regular Price
$1,120.50Sale Price